Our Goodwill Good Careers Centers provide free career assistance to anyone seeking employment or a new career. Our trained staff can help you answer the following questions:

  • How do I write my resume to highlight my experience and get the attention of recruiters?
  • How do I search for and apply to jobs that meet my needs?
  • What careers am I interested in and how do I get started?
  • What should I expect during an interview and how do I make a good first impression?
  • What workplace skills do I need to ensure I'm successful at my new job?
  • What are the best ways to apply for federal, state, and local government jobs?

Our staff provides one-on-one career coaching that focuses on:

  • Identifying your career interests
  • Developing or updating your resume
  • Connecting to employers
  • Completing online job applications
  • Practicing interview tactics
  • Preparing for the first day of your new job

If you need assistance with your job search, our Good Careers Center staff is available to guide you in resume development, online job search, and interview strategies. To schedule an appointment, please submit this form and a member of our Good Careers Center Staff will contact you. 

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One on One career service assistance

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