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Thank you (old)

Thank you to our donors whose generosity allows for employment opportunities, affordable goods, and funding for meaningful education, training and career services that empower people facing life barriers to gain employment and secure their future.

Learn More About Our Mission

For decades, Goodwill San Antonio has remained committed to our mission of “Helping Change Lives Through the Power of Work” by helping community members achieve upward mobility through stable employment, skill development, job training, and other life-changing opportunities.

Our more than 1,600 team members work passionately to achieve transformational impact within the communities we serve. Through their spirit of collaboration and genuine care of helping people, our organization continues to achieve record-setting milestones year-after-year.

Inspired by those we are privileged to serve, we remain dedicated to helping ALL people realize their potential through training and employment. Together, under our collective focus of “One Team, One Mission,” we can be the difference in helping our community achieve social and economic mobility.

Our Mission at Work

•  Through our stores and outlets, we repurposed over 20 million items for sale.
•  318 individuals earned an education credential through our Good Careers Academy.
•  Our training program for Total Force Service Center was rated Best in Class by ISO.*
•  1,114 individuals placed in jobs through our career services.
•  Employed over 360 people with a documented health disability on our federal contracts.
•  702 individuals gained employment 200% above Federal Poverty Level.

*International Organization of Standardization

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