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Thank you to our donors whose generosity allows for employment opportunities, affordable goods, and funding for meaningful education, training and career services that empower people facing life barriers to gain employment and secure their future.

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Goodwill San Antonio exists to serve people who face difficult circumstances, yet have the courage and commitment to better themselves. Whether it is a single parent trying to overcome life barriers for their children, a veteran attempting to transition from the military to a civilian employment office, or an at-risk student struggling to navigate next steps into adulthood, Goodwill is here to help create opportunity for those who are underserved.

Inspired by those we are privileged to serve, we remain dedicated to helping ALL people realize their potential through training and employment by focusing on People, Planet and Prosperity.


  • 458 people enrolled in an education program.

  • 449 Goodwill Business Services team members had a documented disability.

  • 800 Goodwill team members, on average, received life coaching services per month.


  • Repurposed more than 19.5M items for sale in stores and online at shopgoodwill.com.
  • Processed more than 1M donated items.
  • Recycled 1.3M pounds of hazardous electronic equipment.
  • Repurposed 3,857 computers for reuse.


  • Nearly 1,600 team members employed at Goodwill with an annual payroll of $54.3M.
  • $0.91 of every dollar spent helped fund Goodwill’s mission.
  • 1,035 individuals gained employment in the community, 52% above Federal poverty level.
2021 Community Impact

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Students enrolled in an educational program.


People employed at Goodwill

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