Goodwill San Antonio is grateful for the support of local organizations. Through their support, we are able to make a bigger impact in the community. The following organizations play a vital role in helping Goodwill San Antonio serve its mission in three areas - Community-at-large, Education, and Employment.

Partner Testimonials

"When I see Goodwill Careers Academy on the source on the application, I know I am going to interview someone that has the CNA criteria we are looking for."

- Delia Flores, Assistant Director of Nursing and Staff Coordinator.

"All the externs we have had and those we have hired have been outstanding employees. That's what makes Goodwill such a good fit for us."

- Jerry Moreno, Store Manager.

"When I hire someone [CNA] from Goodwill, I TRUST that they have been trained correctly. I TRUST that they know the expectations of the job. I TRUST that they are passionate in what they do."

- Frances Jackson, Community Relations Coordinator.