Our partners help in our mission to find work for everyone.
Maintaining the Mission
Supporting the Community During the COVID Crisis and Beyond

While our community begins to reopen, our mission remains alive and more critical than ever to our community. 

THANK YOU for considering a donation so we can continue serving those most vulnerable in our community! Your DONATION  today will help fund essential employment and training programs that are critical to our community in this time of increased economic uncertainty. For more information about these programs, please scroll down. 

For the last 76 years, Goodwill San Antonio has been proud to serve our community as a second-chance employer. Our Anniversary year turned out to be the toughest year on record, but we know that we will pull through with your friendship and support.

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Critical Needs for Our Community

digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion
With the growing need for distance learning and remote working during this time of crisis, Goodwill San Antonio is working to maintain and expand our Technology Access Program to help bridge the digital divide. By providing personal computer equipment to those we serve, we empower the community to stay connected to education, workforce development, and each other.


Good Careers Academy Nurse's Aide Program

Good Careers Academy 
Our Good Careers Academy provides vocational skills training in the medical field and other high-demand occupations. The Good Careers Academy has currently transitioned to a blended instruction model for: Medical Assistant, Nurse’s Aide, and Pharmacy Technician. Students will participate in online instruction and receive hand-on experience in the classroom. Students will rotate between online instruction and hands-on classroom experience to maintain social distancing while adhering to occupancy guidelines.  Programs which support traditionally high-demand fields (like our Certified Nurse's Aide program) are even more crucial during this unprecedented medical event for those in our community who are now in need of employment in high demand occupations.


One on One career service assistance

Good Career Centers
With unemployment on the rise due to the present crisis, many in our community, especially hourly and low-income individuals, are in need of support to help them find life-sustaining work. Through career coaching, resume writing, mock interview, and connection to hiring employers, our Good Careers Center staff is ready to offer FREE guidance to help those in need find meaningful work crucial to the financial stability of their families.



Goodwill Support

Team members

During this time of crisis we recognize the critical nature of a stable income and so have created the Workforce Relief Fund to ensure the health and well-being of over 1,600 team members and their families. Goodwill continues to offer life skills coaching sessions to all of our employees to help address any personal or professional barriers they face. We know our life skills coaches are trained and ready to help our employees navigate these changing times.

Unlike many nonprofits who rely on philanthropic donations to support their programs, our critical community services are traditionally funded through our Retail and Business Service operations, which make up 96% of our budget. Although our stores have reopened, revenue from our Retail operations is expected to be significantly less due to COVID-19 Crisis.

We are ready to get back to doing GOOD WORK for our community and invite you to join our efforts by making a monetary donation today. Together, we can ensure that these essential programs are available to those who need them most!

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