Together, we are making a difference

Did you know…

  • 700 Gallons of water is used to produce a standard cotton t-shirt.
  • 2,100 Gallons of water is used to produce a pair of jeans.
  • Textile manufacturing produces more emissions than ALL international flights and shipping combined and is responsible for more than 20% of wastewater produced globally.
  • Repurposing 1 glass bottle can save enough energy to power a 100 watt lightbulb for nearly an hour or a computer for 20 minutes.


Through your generous donations and store purchases, Goodwill San Antonio is one of the community’s top recycling programs, collecting and repurposing gently-used items.

Our 24 stores and Clearance Center are stocked with gently-used items waiting to be upcycled, recycled, and repurposed – all instead of being thrown away!

racks of shirts

Our 2021 Impact:

  • 19.5 million items repurposed for sale in Goodwill stores and online.
  • Processed more than 1 million donated items.
  • 1.3 million pounds of hazardous electronic equipment were responsibly recycled.

In additions to our stores, Goodwill San Antonio also employs Grounds Maintenance Teams who maintain properties for local businesses, military bases, and city and county facilities.

Trimming at RestoreEd

6,000 acres of grounds, trees, and irrigation systems were routinely maintained by Goodwill in 2021 to maximize healthy growth. Healthy grass and trees help clean the air, trap carbon dioxide, reduce erosion from storm water runoff, improve soil, decrease noise pollution, and reduce temperatures. Plus, lawns and trees help keep your yard cooler and takes less energy to cool your home or office.


Make a Positive Impact

Help Goodwill continue to make a difference by:

  • Donating gently used items to your nearest Goodwill Donation Station.
  • Shopping at your local Goodwill Store
  • Hiring Goodwill for your business outsourcing needs including grounds maintenance and tree care services.