Excellent Customer Experience is our Priority


Goodwill San Antonio launches a new Customer Experience Program for our shoppers and donors as a way to share your experience.  Plus, by participating, you have a chance to win a $100 Gift Card. You may enter 1 shopper survey and 1 donor survey per location per day.  

CAP Survey Phone

Step 1: Access the survey by either texting “Survey” to 833-353-7233 or scanning the QR Code found throughout the store or on the backside of the donation card provided by the Donation Attendant. Each location has a unique location ID which you will be asked to enter. 

Step 2: Select the survey - Shopper or Donor - you would like to complete. 

Step 3. Answer two short questions relating to your shopping or donation experience.

Step 4:  At the conclusion of the survey, you will be asked to Opt-in to the monthly Visa Gift Card Drawing. Provide your Full Name & Email Address when prompted. Your contact information will be submitted for the drawing. 









DoingGoodSA.org Users

We have retired DoingGoodSA.org.  To retrieve your donor history from DoingGoodSA.org,  please email us at DoingGoodSA-Help@goodwillsa.org and include the following:

  • The email address associated with the account
  • The phone number associated with the account
  • The number codes for each donation

We will provide you with the information you inputted into the portal.  The fair market value (FMU) is determined by the donor, not Goodwill. Please refer to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service publication 561 for more information.  

How Your Gently Used Items Help Us Fulfill Our Mission

Tino - video photo with arrow

When you donate your clothes, picture frames, electronics, and other items, you are helping to funding our mission. These items fill our store shelves and racks, providing an affordable and sustainable shopping experience for the community. Plus, the revenue generated from these store purchases help support our vocational training programs, career services for individuals with employment barriers, and support services and professional development for our team members. 
Your donated items help 100's of people in our community, including Tino.                             

Thank you for continuing to support our mission through your donated items.