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Thank you to our donors whose generosity allows for employment opportunities, affordable goods, and funding for meaningful education, training and career services that empower people facing life barriers to gain employment and secure their future.

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Goodwill San Antonio's Purpose

Since Goodwill San Antonio's first day of service in 1945, we have championed the fight against poverty and to create opportunity for adults and youth in our community through education and employment. As such, our founding purpose is centered on "Fighting Poverty and Creating Opportunity." That remains our purpose today and drives our mission of "Helping Change Lives Through the Power of Work." 



Your gently used household items help fund meaningful education, training, and career services that prepare people for employment. 


Our stores not only provide great bargains, they serve as a supportive environment for employees to gain work experience and build self-confidence. 


Hiring Goodwill for your business services outsourcing needs provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. 

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