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Three Ways to Use Digital Skills in your Job Search
Having basic digital literacy skills can help with your job search. A quick online search can result in a list of open job positions. Here’s other ways digital skills can make your job search easier.

Applying for Your First Job? Remember These Tips
Just graduated college? Doing research on your potential employer could make you stand out during the interview process. Learn how and other ways to improve your chances of being hired.

Six Steps to a Great LinkedIn Profile
Furthering your career in the 21st century requires a digital presence. Creating a LinkedIn profile is a big step towards networking and searching for your next job. Getting personal and using the right keywords are just two tips to consider.

What Does it Really Mean to ‘Do Your Homework’ on a Company?
We’ve all heard it’s important to do your homework on a company prior to your interview. But what does that really mean? Today I’ll explore some tips for planning for your interview.

Ageism and Your Job Search
If you’ve ever felt your age was a hindrance in getting hired, today’s blog is for you.

Don’t Quit Your Job Search During the Holidays
We’re entering the holiday season. What does this mean for your job search? Today I’ll explain what happens from an employer perspective and both why you should press on and tips for doing so.

Five Tips for Landing Your First Job
Job hunting can be a daunting task for many of us, but if it’s your first time looking for work, it can really present some challenges. Today, let’s explore five tips for landing that first job.

How to Write a Good Resume
Hiring Managers can be overwhelm with candidates' resumes. How do you ensure yours is placed at the top of the interview pile? Review these tips and best practices. 


Networking 101: Preparing Your Elevator Speech
First impressions make all the difference! Preparing the perfect 90-second elevator speech could help you land a job or make a good connection at a networking event. Here’s what your speech should cover.

Make a Good First Impression in 30 Seconds or Less
Create a 15-30 seconds speech that will stick to a potential employer, like your favorite TV commercial catchphrase sticks to you! Tackle “tell me a little about yourself” like a pro.

Ace Your Next Job Interview 
The interview process can be scary, but preparation can help you gain confidence on the day of your interview. A clean appearance and researching your potential employer are just the beginning.

Five Things to Consider When Interviewing for Jobs with a Disability
Disability shouldn’t prevent you from applying for a job you know you’re qualified to do. Preparing with these five tips can help you answer any questions with confidence.

Oh, no! The interviewer just asked for my weaknesses!
No list of the most challenging interview questions would be complete without the ol’ weaknesses question. Today I’ll explore why they’re asking it and strategies for answering.

Cover Letters and Thank You Notes
Today’s blog deals with cover letters and thank you notes. Should you write them? Do employers even read them? Today I’ll answer those questions and offer tips for helping you stand out in a sea of applicants.

Types of Questions to Ask the Employer During Your Interviews
I’m often asked my opinion on what sort of questions are good to ask an employer during interviews. And while in future blogs I’ll get into detail about specific questions and the rationale for asking them, today I want to paint with a broader brush. Let’s have a look at varying types of questions and what you’re trying to accomplish by asking them.

Telephone Interviewing Tips
Often times the first step in an interview process involves the telephone. Are you as prepared as possible? In this week’s blog I’ll share some tips for putting your best foot forward.

Online Interview Tips
Many companies are now conducting interviews online. We discuss 10 easy ways to help you ace your online interview. 

Questions to Ask During Your Interview (part 1 of 3)
I’m often asked how to answer interview questions; it is just as important to know good questions to ask the employer since interviewing is a back and forth dialogue.

Good Questions to Ask During Your Interviews (Part 2 of 3)
Interviewing is an exchange of information. It is not enough to answer employer’s questions; top job candidates come up with good questions of their own.

Questions to Ask During Interviews (Part 3 of 3)
This time, we will look at a few other areas, starting with advancement. After all, the position for which you are interviewing might not be your final job.



Balancing the Value of Benefits with Salary Offers
We all want a high-paying job, but sometimes employee benefits can outweigh a high salary. Evaluate all the employee benefits offered. You might find you’ll get more from a job offer that has a slightly lower salary.

Five Questions About Healthcare Benefits Answered
You know that healthcare insurance is required, but you aren’t sure how it works, you might wonder, “What is a Network?” or “What types of plans are available?” Here are the answers to five frequently asked health insurance questions.



Considerations for Switching Jobs in the Same Company
Seeking a new job position doesn’t always mean leaving your current employer. When changing a position in your company, considering your career goals and the expectations of your new team and supervisor are just a few things to keep in mind.

The Difference between Developing Hard Skills and Soft Skills
You can learn a new computer program with practice, but customer service and punctuality require discipline on your part. Learn how hard and soft skills go hand in hand.

Should I Care About LinkedIn If I Already Have a Job?
In a word, yes. Now let’s look at why you should care and what you should do about it.