Rebuilding Hope: Yolanda's Journey with Goodwill San Antonio

Between soccer practices, PTA meetings, and being a devoted wife, Yolanda had built a full life for herself. However, as life often does, it took several unexpected turns, leading her down a path she never would have foreseen. In the depths of despair, when it seemed all hope was lost, Goodwill San Antonio emerged as a beacon of light, offering Yolanda a second chance at happiness and fulfillment.

The fabric of Yolanda’s life began to unravel when her marriage ended, marking the beginning of a series of events that would test her strength in unprecedented ways. Soon thereafter, her children ventured off to build their own lives, which left Yolanda grappling with an overwhelming sense of loss and loneliness. She sought solace with the wrong crowd and stumbled into the grip of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Yolanda lost her home and ultimately, her sense of self.

In her darkest hour, Yolanda knew she needed to turn her life around. She admitted herself into a rehabilitation facility and was able to achieve sobriety in six months. Yolanda’s friend worked at Goodwill and encouraged her to apply with the organization. Yolanda did just that, and in days, she got a job as a production assistant.

Goodwill San Antonio quickly became Yolanda’s support system and source of inspiration. This new chapter brought her hope and purpose. Yet, fate had more trials in store for her to overcome. Yolanda was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and in December of 2022, she suffered a stroke that threatened to derail her progress. Without hesitation, Yolanda’s team at the Goodwill Austin Highway Store rallied around her, offering grace, love, and care as she fought her way back to health. They pooled their efforts to bring her groceries and toiletries as she recovered at home, gestures that Yolanda will forever hold dear to her heart.

When Yolanda’s mother passed away, there was Goodwill. Through her hardships, Yolanda has leaned on not only her team’s unwavering support, but also on the guidance of her life skills counselor. Goodwill San Antonio offers all team members access to life skills counselors, who help them navigate the complexities of their professional and personal lives. Yolanda believes that it is because of the family that she found at Goodwill San Antonio, she stands tall, proud of how far she has come and hopeful for her future.

Today, Yolanda is confident that every day can be a great day—the choice is ours to make. She loves going to work and recommends Goodwill San Antonio to anyone that is looking to improve their lives. Her children are also thankful for the role that Goodwill has played in Yolanda’s transformation, and they applaud their mother for all that she has accomplished.

Yolanda's story serves as a significant reminder that amidst life's trials, there exists a promise of redemption. Through determination, community, and the guiding hand of organizations like Goodwill, individuals like Yolanda find the strength to rewrite their narratives, one step at a time.