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Helping People

Your purchases fund our mission of helping to change lives through the power of work. From youth to adults, we provide education, training, and career services that help people in our community find meaningful employment and achieve financial stability

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Helping the Environment

Your donations and purchases protect our environment through reuse, repurposing, and recycling. Together, we diverted 14.6 million sold items from our landfills and recycled 19.8 million pounds of unsold items last year. 

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From infant to adult, workouts to dinner parties, with our selection of clothes, you can find what you need and the style you desire. 

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Household Essentials

Looking for a conversation starter, redecoring, or a just in need of a set of dishes? You can find all of this and more at your Goodwill San Antonio stores.

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In need of a table, chairs, or couch? We have a wide selection of furniture at our stores.

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Looking for name brand tech at discounted prices? Find certified refurbished electronics including laptops, tablets, and TVs curated at the Goodwill Electronics Store.

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