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Goodwill San Antonio offers free career resources and assistance to prepare individuals to find better jobs and build careers. As you look to advance you career, visit this page frequently to find helpful, brief articles on Interviewing, Job Searching, Career Advancement, Benefits.


  • Balancing the Value of Benefits with Salary Offers
    We all want a high-paying job, but sometimes employee benefits can outweigh a high salary. Evaluate all the employee benefits offered. You might find you’ll get more from a job offer that has a slightly lower salary.

  • Five Questions About Healthcare Benefits Answered
    You know that healthcare insurance is required, but you aren’t sure how it works, you might wonder, “What is a Network?” or “What types of plans are available?” Here are the answers to five frequently asked health insurance questions.




Job Search

  • Three Ways to Use Digital Skills in your Job Search
    Having basic digital literacy skills can help with your job search. A quick online search can result in a list of open job positions. Here’s other ways digital skills can make your job search easier.

  • Applying for Your First Job? Remember These Tips
    Just graduated college? Doing research on your potential employer could make you stand out during the interview process. Learn how and other ways to improve your chances of being hired.

  • Six Steps to a Great LinkedIn Profile
    Furthering your career in the 21st century requires a digital presence. Creating a LinkedIn profile is a big step towards networking and searching for your next job. Getting personal and using the right keywords are just two tips to consider.


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