Frei using equipment

Frei grew up taking care of her sisters while her mother battled issues that affected the family. That passion to care for others continued as Frei became a mother to her own children. But when her son passed unexpectedly, the trauma that followed almost became more than she could bear. Frei lost her job, her home, and at times had no transportation, yet found the strength to persevere.

Frei obtained an associate’s degree and pursued work in the social services field.  She found employment caring for young patients overnight in order to make ends meet. She wanted to obtain her bachelor’s degree, but learned credentials in the field would take two to three years to complete. Frei needed an immediate income, and employment became even more critical in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which added further financial stress and uncertainty to an already fragile set of circumstances.

Frei learned about Goodwill San Antonio’s Good Careers Academy where she learned the certified Nurse’s Aide program would provide her a means to earn a skilled credential, increase her wage potential, and place her on a path for further advancement within the medical field. And with tuition covered and the flexibility to obtain an education while caring for her daughter, Frei would not be burdened with additional obstacles.

“Although I always knew where I wanted to be, the path forward seemed uncertain. For me, Good Careers Academy has meant stability. Earning my Nurse’s Aide certification will open doors for me to earn more income and take care of my family."

Today, Frei is successfully moving forward, enthusiastic to graduate and complete her certification. Her training has inspired new ambitions to become a Licensed Vocational or Registered Nurse, and helps set the example for her children that no matter the obstacles, one must find the strength to overcome or be forever indebted to what could have been.

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