Donating your gently used computers to Goodwill San Antonio connects underprivileged families in our community to greater opportunity.  With your donations, Goodwill partners with the San Antonio Housing Authority and its ConnectHomeSA program to increase access to technology and empower vulnerable people within our community to move up the ladder of economic opportunity to self-sufficiency.  

It's Easy. Fast. Safe.

Goodwill San Antonio makes donating your devices EASY (with 35 Donation Station locations- find your nearest location or email us for assistance) and WORRY-FREE as all date and information are completely wiped from each device. Unusable devices are responsibly recycled. 

Digital Inclusion_Donated Computers yield economic mobility

Goodwill San Antonio gives your gently used computers a second life by responsibly refurbishing them for reuse in our community. Additionally, Goodwill works with the San Antonio Housing Authority to provide refurbished laptops, connectivity, digital skills training, and job readiness programs to public housing residents. 

Your donated computers help people like Danika, Valerie, and Shardel receive the digital skills needed to find meaningful employment. 

Digital Inclusion Success Stories

San Antonio's Digital Divide

Without the Internet, devices, and the skills needed to use digital tools, people are unable to fully participate as active and engaged members in our community- from education, competitive employment, and economic stability to civic engagement, healthcare, financial services, and modern social interaction. 

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