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Maria /Retail Associate for Goodwill San Antonio

Maria became a young mother only to fall into the cycle of domestic violence she grew up in. But when the abuse overflowed to her children, Maria knew something had to change. With no home, no money, no vehicle and no support, Maria turned to Goodwill San Antonio, who provided an immediate opportunity for employment, child care assistance, and case management support. With help from Goodwill, Maria has found the confidence and means to stand on her own.


Syretta C. /Recognition Programs Associate, Randolph Air Force Base

After serving for 6 years in the US Army, Syretta C. used her educational benefits and enrolled in a nursing program. Obstacles in life made the journey to receiving her education tough, but her faith kept her strong. Syretta attended a Goodwill Veterans Resource and Career Center job fair and was hired for a Goodwill San Antonio contract job at Randolph Air Force helping Veterans receive their decorations and benefits. Her new career allows Syretta to honor her fellow Veterans.


Michael M. /GCA Commercial Drivers License Program Graduate

After being laid off from the oil company, Michael M. needed to find a job quickly to avoid losing the family home. As his unemployment benefits were running out, he learned about the Commercial Drivers License program from Good Careers Academy. After completing the program, Michael was able to earn a rewarding career as a Commercial Truck Driver, allowing him to continue providing for his family.


Evelyn R. /GCA Nurse’s Aide Program Graduate

During her teen years, Evelyn R. went through some hard times that led to a pregnancy, dropping out of school and serving a 3-year prison sentence. Hitting rock bottom, Evelyn knew that she had to make changes in her life. Through the Fresh Start program, Goodwill San Antonio helped her re-enter into society and earn a wage in a retail position. With the encouragement of her store manager, Evelyn applied to the Nurse’s Aide program. Her training and dedication led to a Supervisor position for a community healthcare agency.


Thomas S. /Maintenance Associate for Goodwill San Antonio

Meet Thomas S. Everything was going good for him until he decided to sell drugs. Upon completing his 5-year sentence, Thomas had a difficult time finding a job. Goodwill San Antonio gave him a second chance to turn his life around. Thomas received job readiness training and found a meaningful career with Goodwill San Antonio.


Virginia F. /GCA Pharmacy Technician Program Graduate

Virginia F., as a single mother of two, realized going back to school was the only way she would have financial security for her and her family. However, she had little money and time to start a new career. With the help of Goodwill San Antonio and the Good Careers Academy, she obtained a trade certification in a high-demand occupation as a Licensed Certified Pharmacy Technician. She now has options and is considering pursuing a career as a Pharmacist.


Martha L. /GCA Class A Commercial Truck Driver Graduate

Martha L. wanted to purchase a house, but with a Class B license, she did not have the finances to achieve this dream. She knew becoming a Class A truck driver would not only advance her career, but would also enable her to realize her dream. However, she lacked the confidence to pursue a Class A license. The Goodwill Commercial Truck Driving License program offered through the Good Careers Academy, was the opportunity she needed. With the encouragement from Goodwill, she obtained her Class A license and is looking forward to purchasing a house. Martha now only focuses on where she is going thanks to Goodwill and the Good Careers Academy.


Travis M. /Recognition Programs Associate, Randolph Air Force Base

As a medically retired veteran, Travis M. and his family saw an uncertain future ahead. Both he and his wife were looking for employment to support their three children. With the help of the Goodwill Veterans Resource and Career Center, he was able to obtain a position with the Awards and Recognition Center at Randolph Air Force Base. Aided by the Good Careers Academy, his wife was able to complete the Certified Nurse’s Aide Program. Goodwill helped them secure their futures and gave them back their self-worth.


Clarissa R. /Lytle High School Graduate, Pharmacy Technician Program

Clarissa R. attended the on-campus Pharmacy Technician program at Lytle High School during her senior year. Having the program held at the high school was not only convenient, but enabled her to simultaneously earn a trade certification as a Pharmacy Technician in addition to her high school diploma. She is now employed as a Pharmacy Technician and credits Goodwill with helping her earn more than minimum wage. Clarissa is using her new certification as a stepping stone and will be applying to Nursing School in her future.


Trina W. /GCA Nurse’s Aide Program Graduate

For 20 years, Trina W. worked in security. While it was a job that paid the bills, it never offered the fulfillment that Trina truly wanted. She was intrigued by the idea of being a nurse, but that seemed like wishful thinking, not a real possibility. Then Trina discovered the Good Careers Academy (GCA). Today, as a Certified Nurse’s Aide, she has set her sights on becoming a Registered Nurse by 2016. She credits Goodwill with changing her life. Trina set her new career in motion by following her dream; GCA provided the training and support she needed to make it a reality


Samuel M. /GCA Student, Pharmacy Technician Program

Samuel M. retired from the U.S. Army and was ready for a second career. Now enrolled at Goodwill’s Good Careers Academy (GCA), Sam is getting the training he needs to transition into a promising new career as a Pharmacy Technician, a high-demand, high-growth occupation in our area. Today, Sam is no longer worrying about how he will take care of his family. He is on the path to a new career and a brighter future.

Richard M. /Financial Counselor, United Way

After more than 20 years of serving his country in the U.S. Air Force, Richard M. made the leap into the civilian world. Though he was retiring from the military, he knew he wanted to do more with the rest of his life. When he heard that Goodwill offered a Veterans Outreach Program designed to help military veterans transition into civilian careers, he knew he had help in reaching new goals. Now, after forging a new career path with help from Goodwill, Richard is in turn providing hope and guidance to others as a financial counselor for United Way.

Iliana M. /GCA Medical Assistant Program Graduate

Iliana M. lost her job while going through a high-risk pregnancy and for a time, she was homeless. She discovered the career opportunities offered through Good Careers Academy (GCA) while living in a shelter and decided she wanted to go back to school. She contacted Goodwill to learn more about the services offered. Every obstacle she had, Goodwill offered resources and solutions to overcome them. As a certified Medical Assistant, she now has a career, not just a job. Her next goal is to buy a house for her kids and Goodwill helped her start that dream.















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