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Goodwill helps change lives through the Power of Work.

Fiesta San Antonio celebrates the colorful heritage, unique culture and generous spirit of our city – a city rich in tradition and pride for the residents within it. Just as Fiesta celebrates our local community, so does Goodwill San Antonio. For 72 years, Goodwill has served the greater San Antonio area through our mission to help change lives through the power of work.

At Goodwill, we understand the importance work has on the long-term prosperity of individuals, their families, and ultimately, our local community. We understand the importance of not just helping people find jobs, but also equipping them with the education and skills needed to be successful, both now and in the future.

Celebrate San Antonio and those in our community who have had the courage to change their lives by wearing the Goodwill San Antonio Fiesta Medal.

A 2017 Goodwill San Antonio Fiesta Medal can be yours with an $8 donation at any of our San Antonio store locations.

2017 Fiesta Medal – Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

Fiesta Medal Comments

You may purchase the 2017 Goodwill San Antonio Fiesta Medal at any of our Goodwill store locations in San Antonio.

Are you looking to purchase Goodwill San Antonio Fiesta Medals from past years? If so, you can purchase them online at

When you donate to or shop at Goodwill, you become a job creator!

Make plans to watch for our Goodwill San Antonio float in the 2017 Texas Cavaliers River Parade on Monday, April 24!


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