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Thrifting Tips With Lyss 

Hey everyone!! For this month's blog post I want to talk about HOW I thrift. A lot of people understand the “why” behind thrifting for sustainability but find the switch to thrift intimidating. And, I totally get that! Thrifting is different but in a lot of ways that is what makes it so much fun.

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Here are my tips for a GOOD thrifting experience: 


Get Inspired 

I can't stress this tip enough. Inspiration is everything when thrifting. Before I embark on any thrifting trip, I like to browse through my Pinterest to see what kind of looks I pinned recently. That gives me a point of reference when I’m shopping and gives me a “mission” rather than just aimlessly looking around. 


Have An Open Mind 

Look around for different colors, textures and styles. Don’t limit yourself to pieces you always gravitate to or have something similar in your closet. Thrifting can be a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try new things! You never know what you might find! 


Try On Everything 

Okay well not everything but do try on anything that catches your eye! Pieces can look dramatically different on you versus on the rack. In fact, many of my favorite thrift finds were pieces I wouldn't have purchased straight off the rack! 


Go To Multiple Locations

With over 17 locations in San Antonio and donations constantly coming in, the possibilities are endless! If you aren't having any luck at one location- try another! Remember, thrifting should be FUN, so don't stress if you don't find what you are looking for right away. 


Good Mood=Good Finds

You guys, I am g-u-i-l-t-y of being a sad shopper. When I need a pick me up, my first line of defense is often to “go shopping”. Thrifting has not been the same (another way I have saved money by thrifting! haha).  If I’m not feeling 100% I overlook pieces I would normally have chosen and don’t end up following any of the rules mentioned above which usually leads to me being MORE SAD... so skip the compulsive shopping trip and thrift when you are feeling good! 


Think Of The Possibilities

This is a big key with thrifting. You aren't paying a premium price so it's okay to play with your clothes! Clothing can really be so versatile when you look at pieces from this perspective. For example, If you like the color of some denim but the fit is a little weird around your legs? Those could make an awesome pair of shorts! Love the band/or style 

of a T-shirt but it fits more like a dress than a shirt? That could make an awesome crop top! Get creative with your clothes. It can be another fun way to express yourself!


Most importantly, 

HAVE FUN WITH IT! There are so many good pieces out there waiting for you to find! Good luck & Happy Thrifting!

Xoxo, Lyss


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