The Joys of Thrift Store Treasures v1

The Joys of Thrift Store Treasures


Happy first Sunday in May!  Today I want to share the joys of recent thrift store treasures!

I have written often about Goodwill San Antonio stores and how fabulous they are and to day is more thrift-treasure-proof!

Plus, it gives me great joy to know how much it is helping our community when I shop there.

I love this outfit and I put it together from two Goodwill locations…. found the wonderful light sweater from Chaps at Kohls in one trip. 

Then in another trip I found the leather tote with my initial on it…both pieces light new…and less than $5.

I added my own Talbot’s jeggings, Chico’s white jacket, and Naturalizer lilac ballet flats (link below) to bring the look together…and yes, it gives me joy and creates a huge smile!

Treasure hunting at great thrift stores is much fun for me and especially when I discover something I will wear often.


Thank you to everyone who gave me your thoughts on the phrase “affordable fashion” on Friday.

It was so interesting to read all of your opinions.  I am very much in the consideration of “cost-per-wear.”  

That is why I have so many Eileen Fisher pieces…. I wear them over and over and over again and they are constructed to be sustainable.

I pay close attention to the pieces I go to the most and then evaluate why…so that I understand what my preferences really are.

When I want to have more fun with fashion, I go to Goodwill for that fun… it promotes sustainability and provides enjoyment for something I really love… fashion! 


If you want to step out of your comfort zone and try some quirky styles, then thrift is the way to go! 

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