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Dia de Los Muertos Celebration with Eileen


There are many aspects of the Mexican culture that my family and I partake in every year. One of these is, of course, the iconic Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead, usually celebrated on November 2nd. Ever since I can remember, a tradition for my grandma has been to construct an altar in the porch of her house to honor those in our family that had passed before us, the table being beautifully decorated with pictures, flowers, and things the family member liked during their life; in her table, she would usually have apples for my aunt, and recently she started placing a cup of coffee for my grandfather. 


I don’t really remember my mom making an altar for our house when I was little, but a couple of years ago she started our own tradition to set our own altar, full of decorations, pan de Muerto, and some pictures from my mom’s personal collection. This year, I wanted to make the holiday even more special by holding a special movie night and a small party for me and my family while we stay indoors. Let me show you how it went!


Firstly, we have our altar, which we usually place near the entrance. This year, our decorations consisted of pictures of the whole family, little “papel picado” decorations, and some of their favorite foods and drinks, such as coffee, oranges, apples, etc. Lastly, my mom picked up this beautiful shawl from Goodwill’s Accents during last month's trip, and while deciding what to line the table with, I suggested the beautiful piece. It ended up working so well!



Eileen Dia de los Muertos


I wanted to personally go all out this year, so I decided to dress up as the lovely La Muerte, for which I used these couple of pieces that I was able to find during one of my trips to Goodwill. This 2-piece set is actually a group find, as my sister was drawn to the top and I found the skirt for myself. However, by the end of that trip, she decided she didn’t really need another top in her closet, to which I immediately scooped it up before anyone else would! Together, the whole outfit came up to about $20, which is definitely not bad for being on a budget! For the shoes, I picked up these lovely square toe brown boots which I got even before my Goodwill blogger days for only $6! 


Deciding that it wasn’t enough, I decided to make myself a flower from a yellow recycled bag to be extra sustainable! I simply took a little bit of wire we had and proceeded to make the flower as a small extra for the ensemble. I honestly think it turned out super well!

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After we had finished dinner, we decided to watch some movies that fit the spirit, so we popped in The Book of Life and Coco for an amazing finale to everything. Needless to say, it was the best Dia de Los Muertos celebration we have ever had!


Thank you so much for reading this month’s post. As we are finally approaching that winter season, I am working on my next piece over fall/winter trends, most of them are probably easily found at a Goodwill San Antonio store near you! Stay tuned for that and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at @i_love_thrift_thrills! Until then!


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