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Transparency, accountability and stewardship of our community's trust in Goodwill's mission are key elements of our organizational structure. Goodwill utilizes several metrics on our Agency Balanced Scorecard and also has multiple internal and external audits that continually evaluate our program and organizational effectiveness. Below is Goodwill's Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest statement.

Goodwill Industries Code of Ethics

The conduct of all Team Members, Participants, Volunteers and Board Members of Goodwill Industries impacts our ability to manage our financial resources and serve the community. In order to strengthen our ability to comply with the Code of Ethics, each member of the staff, board or other volunteer group agrees to conduct himself or herself in a manner that promotes essential values and ethical behaviors that include:

  • Goodwill Core Values: Integrity, Recognition, Empowerment, Service, Passion, Excellence, Communication, Teamwork
  • Operating in a manner that upholds the integrity of the movement and ensures public trust
  • Engaging in and promoting honest and ethical conduct
  • Avoiding the actual or appearance of conflicts of interest
  • Complying with applicable laws, rules and regulations of federal, state and local governments
  • Responsibly using and controlling all assets, resources and information in our possession

The community and people we serve have placed their trust in Goodwill based on its long, established reputation for integrity. Any misdeed, illegal activity or appearance of impropriety negatively impacts all of us.

Environmental Policy

Goodwill Industries of San Antonio is committed to minimizing environmental impact, conserve natural resources all while being a steward of the environment. Goodwill is committed to making environmental management an integral core value and vital part of our Electronic Recycling and Reuse Program (ERP). View the Environmental Policy and Objectives.

Goodwill Industries Board of Directors, along with members of their immediate families, are restricted from engaging in any activity that may constitute a conflict of interest. These individuals are herein referred to as "Covered Members."

For the purpose of this policy, a "conflict of interest" is defined as any situation or activity that may directly or indirectly affect the integrity or reputation of Goodwill. Conflict of interest includes any circumstance that could cast doubt on an individual's ability to act with total objectivity with regard to Goodwill's interest. All Covered Members who deal with vendors and others doing business with Goodwill must do so in a manner that avoids even the appearance of a conflict between personal interest and that of Goodwill's best interest.

This conflict of interest policy is intended to assist in defining ethical principles and aid in identifying possible conflicts of interest. The following are examples that could constitute a conflict of interest:

  • Engaging in any unethical or illegal practice
  • Taking any unfair advantage in business dealings
  • Accepting any gift or promise of future benefit, the value of which exceeds $100, from an individual or business that might benefit or appear to benefit from the affiliation
  • Participating in transactions or relationships which might reasonably be expected to affect one's judgment in a manner that is adverse to the Agency
  • Any other action that may give the appearance of impropriety

Exceptions to this policy require prior approval by the Executive Committee. All exceptions shall be reported to the full Board of Directors. Suspected violations of this policy should be reported to the President or Board Chair.

Need to report an ethics issue immediately to the Goodwill Leadership Team? Call 877.888.0002 for 24-hour service and prompt follow-up.

Goodwill maintains a continuous cycle of quality improvement and strives to provide excellence in service to our customer members. Our quality journey has led us to pursue certifications in various areas of our organization.

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)


Goodwill maintains the highest level of CARF accreditation in our workforce development unit. Our workforce development staff is trained to offer services and referrals tailored to an individual's needs. By being CARF accredited, we demonstrate our commitment to continually improving our services. For more information on CARF, please visit their website here.


R2 Certification


Goodwill San Antonio has achieved R2 certification in its operations of the Electronics Recovery Program. By being R2 certified, we demonstrate our commitment to quality, security of data bearing donations, and transparency on environmental impact. From community donated items, to resale, reuse to salvage and recycling, Goodwill San Antonio sets the example as a good steward of resources and it’s responsibility to the community.

ISO Certification



As a Quality Management System (QMS), Goodwill San Antonio is presently certified to three ISO standards. ISO 9001-2015 (Quality) includes 20 of our government contracts. Our Warehouse Logistics, e-Commerce, Electronic Recovery Program, and Outlet are certified to ISO 9001-2015 (Quality), 14001-2015 (Environmental), and 18001-2007 (OHSA—Safety). By obtaining these certifications, Goodwill demonstrates sound validated quality principals in its daily operations.


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