Want to Win a FIESTA 2014 Goodwill medal?

How can you win it? Visit one of our Goodwill stores in San Antonio, Snap a photo of Hot FIESTA Finds and share them on social media with the hashtag #GOODWILLSAFIESTA TO ENTER TO WIN. You have until April 25 To Submit your pictures. Happy Goodwill Hunting!!!!!


The Big Give S.A. Are you in?

On May 6, 2014, non-profits from around the San Antonio metro area will band together for The Big Give S.A. 24 hours of collecting donations.


Forget the Easter Basket, Make a Bindle Instead!

Easter is just around the corner, and I thought it would be fun to use some of my recent thrift store finds to give a little twist to the traditional Easter basket. Enter the bindle.


Pro Thrift Tips: Revive Toys from Goodwill

Shopping for toys at Goodwill here in San Antonio is a great way for me to add to our collection for pennies on the dollar.


Three Ways to Repurpose a Slide Carousel

I've been collecting slide carousels at Goodwill for some time (not sure why, just like them a lot!) Since I'm a craft blogger, I wanted a fun way to display my business cards.


Declutter for National Clutter Awareness Week:

In honor of National Clutter Awareness Week, take fifteen minutes in the next week to do a brain dump of everything floating around in your mind.


Goodwill: Spring Jackets Hunt!

"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month." - Henry Van Dyke


Christmas in March with Goodwill San Antonio @GoodwillSA

One of my best ever, top thrifting tips is to BUY AHEAD! Whether it be kids shoes, clothes, or seasonal items, I am always thinking ahead when I thrift. This is when you will find the best stuff, since not everyone is looking for say, Christmas stuff. So yeah, I got ornaments in March.


A Bird Feeder with Cups and Saucers

I was enchanted by the wild antics that ensued at the Mad Hatter's tea party, and always dreamed of how fun it would be to happen upon an "un-birthday party" in the woods.


Spring jackets: High glam on a low budget

Using some fantastic fabric, we reimagine a 1980s jacket to create a whole new look that will keep you stylish and warm during a late cold front this spring.


Spring Break Closet Organizing Project

Most folks have an idea of how they'd like to see their clothes organized - by color, by outfit, or by type of clothing (pants, shirts, etc.). The tough part of a closet organizing project for many folks, however, is clearing out their closet first.


7 Thrifty Collections

I'm an avid thrifter all year long, but something about spring (or at least the beginnings of it) makes me even more eager to go hunting for a good find. Oftentimes I'll come across several of the same item which individually may not seem special, but en masse you have an instant collection to show off. Today I've gathered seven things to keep your eye out for on your next trip to the thrift store.


Bow Bracelets! Ugly fashion or wrong size, but COOL Fabric... What to Do

How many times have you come across a super ugly dress, or the wrong size blouse or pants at a thrift store, but darn they are made out of great fabric! Of course I always put it in my cart, pushing it around the entire time, hoping I can think of a way to make this item work for me... ha ha!    Now I have found the perfect solution... make a Bow Bracelet!


Thrifty Home Tour | Hallway

My favorite thrifty finds on this wall are the child's bust which I found at Goodwill (isn't it perfect that he's reading?), and an unfinished embroidery of the United States found at an estate sale (I mounted it with sewing pins onto a piece of foam board). I also dream of having a huge vintage globe collection--I actually have another not pictured here, and this one I found at Goodwill, too.


Stunning Graduation Dress for $5.99 @ San Antonio Goodwill

Maddy, graduated this past spring and to celebrate this momentous day, I wanted her to feel beautiful and took her to the mall to pick out a dress.


Why We Need the 90th Annual Rummage Around Sale!

It is one of those rare years where winter has taken its toll on almost all of us!


Ready To Rummage Around? THIS SATURDAY! GET READY! #goodwillSA

Guess what this coming Saturday, February 22nd is?! The 90th annual Junior League of San Antonio Rummage Around Event!! Whoohoo!


Goodwill Hunting: One Fun Day!

When the weather is dreary and yukky, there is one activity guaranteed to bring a smile...Goodwill hunting! Last Saturday, I headed over to the new Bulverde Road location at Highway 1604 and made some sunny discoveries! So many top labels, my head was spinning!


A Very Thrifty Tea Party

Recently I attended a tea party at one of the public library branches here in San Antonio. My friends and I had a lot of fun and wanted to start having tea parties of our own. The only thing was that I had no pretty tea cups, saucers, and a small budget to buy enough cups and saucers for a party of 6!


Denim jacket upcycle

With the denim jacket, making a big comeback on the fashion scene, a staple that is being giving the glamour touch, I wanted to share with my readers, a easy quick way of achieving the hot trend, by taking a vintage Levi's denim jacket, that had glue marks from previous patches and turning into a staple of your spring wardrobe I proceeded to take this jacket and add pearls.


How to Get Organized for New Year's Resolutions

It's always a great goal to implement time management strategies whenever possible, but especially at the start of a new year when you're trying to accomplish New Year's resolutions


Get Organized with DIY Projects and Goodwill

It's a new year and time to start fresh and tame some of that clutter! Storage and organizational tools can get expensive when you buy them new, but not if you shop at Goodwill San Antonio. Keep reading for ideas on how to update Goodwill items to add style and order to your home.


Goodwill: Color of the Year??...No Problem

Bloggers everywhere are discussing the color of the Year as selected by PANTONE...Radiant Orchid. The best way to participate in a trend sensibly is to head straight to GOODWILL!


San Antonio Goodwill Dezavala Store

This was my first visit to this Goodwill Dezavala store.  Doesn't the word Dezavala sounds glamorous, something like Zaza Gabor?

If you read my blog you know that I absolutely LOVE and adore dishes and I hit the jackpot at this store!

Let me share a few highlights of what caught my eye.


Goodwill Finds: DIY Kid's Writing Center

I have seen a lot of "writing centers" that they have in their schools. I was inspired to make a home writing center. What store did I go to first? Goodwill here in San Antonio. (If you know me, that probably would have been your first guess).


Layering for warmth with trends in affordable style

With winter upon us in South Texas, it's cold outside.

I approached the Goodwill with layering in mind.

Create a current trend that has warmth,style and affordability.


Thrifted Basket Case Study

None of the ideas in this post are revolutionary, but what I do find amazing are all the great baskets I find at thrift stores.


First day of winter: Goodwill finds LOOK 1

Happy Holidays,
All the Christmas shopping done, all the cakes baked, the time is now yours to feel like a queen.


Goodwill State of Mind for Year's End!!

So far, this is my donation pile for Goodwill SA. We still have five days to make a donation and receive a tax credit for 2013. Goodwill hands us a receipt upon request!


How Your New Year's Resolutions Can Affect Your Time Management Strategies

I get daily requests for time management strategies and for tips on how to increase productivity. One big event each year tends to actually hinder our progress with time management strategies.


Clean Closet + Goodwill Donation = Awesome! #GoodwillSA #THRIFTY

Most of us have way too much stuff in our closets. I always find that the best time to clean out my closets and drawers are after Christmas and before New Year's.


Christmas Ornaments with Zylie the Bear

I have one last Christmas craft over on Zylie the Bear's Passport page this week. God's Eyes--or Ojo de Dios--are a fun classic craft that many of us probably made as kids ourselves, with a little update from the popsicle sticks and yarn traditionally used.


Goodwill to the Rescue! 5 Quick & Thrifty Holiday Gifts Under $5

Have a bunch of gifts to give and not a ton of $ and time? Teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, gifts for everyone you share a cubicle with (who doesn't love an office exchange?), mom groups....you name it, Christmas giving can be expensive and stressful.


Crafting Christmas Gifts with Goodwill Finds

It's crunch time!  Time to decorate and start crafting gifts for all the special people in your life.  Read on the learn how to use inexpensive purchases at Goodwill San Antonio to make quick Christmas gifts and decor.


Goodwill Makes Thanksgiving Hassle-Free

I cannot believe it is already Thanksgiving time with Christmas on the horizon!  I have discovered through my regular visits to Goodwill in San Antonio how great a place it is for decorations.  Like this Thanksgiving trio above!


Shop-O-Scream this Halloween

Goodwill offers great deals on Halloween costumes, which can come from used items found in the store and great new merchandise.


DIY Textured Photography Backdrop

As a craft blogger, I'm always looking for ways to improve my photographs.  When I started looking at backdrops for my pictures, I was surprised at the cost.  Being a frugal crafter I, of course, decided I could do it myself!  Here's a technique you can use to make a photo backdrop for a photo booth or personal pictures.


Goodwill Just Makes Sense for Coats

It's that time of year again!!  Many of you are already experiencing cold winds and some even snow.  Now, of course, I am not dealing with that in San Antonio...though this mornings temps in the 40s felt amazing!  But, that is why GOODWILL makes so much sense for us!


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